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If you enlist, you will have just joined an elite unit- one of the oldest and best on the West Coast. You will be expected, as a recruit, to acquire your own kit. By using initiative and the listings found here in this website and through unit contacts, it should be a fairly easy task. If you have any questions about this, you should contact one of the senior members to help you. You will also be expected to know the elements of foot drill, rifle drill, and weapons usage. This will be taught to you during various training sessions in which you will be expected to participate.  In addition, there will be reenactments, shows, and parades that we will attend as a unit. 

When you attend an event, you are required to bring all of your mandatory kit, and not just turn up and expect to be kitted out by other members. If you are lacking an item, contact one of the senior NCO's or the unit CO in advance to make arrangements for a loaner. We expect you will have fun while reenacting, but we also would like you to remember why you are wearing this uniform and what it means. This means doing research into the unit, finding out the history behind it, and generally being aware of what our unit's accomplishments.

Always remember to ask yourself, "Am I a credit to all those who wore  this uniform before me?"  

Above all enjoy yourself, act safely and have fun!


The primary impression for the 1st British Airborne is B Company, 2nd Battalion. New members are assigned to this group.

1st British Airborne also fields the following support units:

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